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Franchise Seminar Starting a Business: Apr 29th, Bay City...

Free Seminar: Business & Legal Issues : May-20 Bay City...

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Our tips on How to Search the Internet Home Page: Your Roadmap to Small Business Information, Development and Assistance in the Saginaw (Michigan) Area.


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Whether your are just starting out or currently have your own small business, the SSBiN web site will explain the type of assistance available in the Saginaw, Michigan area as well as other tools and related resources. The SSBiN site features include:

The Roadmap provides an complete list of services and support available in the Saginaw County area. You will also find a complete list of business organizations in the county.
Events and news of interest to small business.
An overview of the SSBiN network and how we hope to serve you.

Smart Business Starts in Saginaw!

The purpose of the Saginaw Small Business Information Network (SSBiN) is to streamline the effort and availability of information, education, training, support services and financing options available to small business entrepreneurs in the Saginaw area. Our aim is to create a unique mix of economic development programs while bringing together the information for all processes for small business development.

Here you will find a comprehensive listing of small business education, support services and financing options in the Saginaw County. The information is only valuable to you if you can find it. If you need further assistance or want to make a comment, please feel free to contact us.

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We need YOUR Voice: The Voice of the Small Business, Entrepreneur!

The Saginaw Vision 2020 Entrepreneur and Small Business Alliance (ESBA) meets every month and the alliance needs your input! We have a very dedicated, committed and active core group, but we need your voice and your ideas! Please consider helping the ESBA. Contact us for more information.

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